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NissanPrince G7 racing engine on dyno

Nissan Prince GT circuit racer

A glimpse of motorsport history from the Prince Car manufacturer. This 1963 era 2ltr six cylinder factory engine reputedly made 150HP in its heyday.

The first GT-R Skyline appeared in February 1969. Called the PGC-10 (KPGC-10 for later coupé version) internally. It used the 2.0L (1998cc) S20I6. This new DOHC engine (which was designed by the former Prince engineers) produced 160hp (118kW, 180Nm), and was similar to the GR8 engine used in the Prince R380 racing car.

The GT-R began as a sedan, but a 2-door coupé version was debuted in October 1970 and introduced in March 1971. The cars were stripped of unnecessary equipment to be as light as possible for racing, and performed well at the track. The sedan racked up 33 victories in less than two years, and the coupé stretched this to 50 through 1972.

L6 3.4 240Z - The Green Hornet

L34 engine

It’s not hard to see that Greg Scott has a stirring passion for his 240Z. Theirs has been a long-term love affair. Fully committed to the spirit of the Z, Greg has been on a 17+ year journey of constantly improving all aspects including brakes and suspension while steadfastly resisting all temptations of different engines, forced induction or fuel injection for his beloved 240Z – widely known as the “The Green Hornet”.

A broken crankshaft in his ‘old faithful’ engine triggered a search for a worthy replacement, hopefully capable of carving a second or two from his lap times.

Greg had become jaded with the claimed performance BS from local engine builders servicing the racing scene in California, and as he started to explore his options it was looking like Kameari in Japan might be the go, but after a long delay in trying to get something underway there, a chance conversation on the ‘Hybrid Z’ web forum led Greg to contact Les Collins…

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