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  • Motec tuning

    MoTeC EMS interface for setting up and tuning

  • Nissan L6 Motec1

    Nissan L6 Turbo MoTeC ignition

  • Nissan L6 Turbo port side

    LCR fabricated intake manifold for turbo Nissn L6 with MoTeC EMS

  • L4 4V Motec3

    4 valve L series in P510 with MoTeC

  • Dual injection manifold

    LCR fabricated dual injection manifold

  • Jaguar Motec1

    Jaguar V12 MoTeC installation

  • L6 NA Motec1

    L6 Nissan natually aspirated MoTeC

  • L6 NA Motec3

    Nissan L6 naturally aspirated MoTeC showing ignition etc.

  • P510 Motec install

    Installing Motec in P510 racer

  • Porsche1

    Porsche rally undergoing extensive rebuild including Motec installation

  • Porsche2

    Porsche rally rebuild showing dash detail

  • Motec wiring1

    At LCR wiring is treated as a work of art

  • Motec wiring2

    MoTeC wiring ready for wrapping

MoTeC by LCR

MoTeC engine management systems are used and recommended by Les Collins Racing because they fit with the LCR philosophy of making your project an accomplished success. Les’ 35 years of motorsport experience has repeatedly shown that low-cost solutions end up costing more than quality ones due to the multitude of subsequent problems low-cost products often introduce, and the wasted time and money spent resolving these issues. Our passion is to make your project an outstanding success story.

LCR has been specifying, installing and tuning MoTeC systems from their inception in the late 1980’s and is an official dealer.

Whether you need a fuel only, full engine management, dashboard display, data acquisition, power transmission control, or all of the above, LCR has the skills and experience to ensure your investment is fully maximised.

Get the best from your performance investment with Australian-designed MoTeC systems installed and tuned by Les Collins Racing.