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  • Stage1
    Stage 1, custom intake manifold
  • Stage2
    Intake manifold tubes join flange
  • Stage3
    Intake manifold outer flange
  • Stage4
    Attach fuel injector ferules
  • Stage5
    Attach fuel rail
  • Stage6
    Completed bare manifold
  • Stage7
    Throttle bodies on
  • Stage8
    Trumpets mounted to throttle bodies
  • Stage9
    Injectors mounted, fuel rail attached
  • Stage10
    Front view of dummy assembly
  • Stage11
    Intake manifold: anodised black
  • Stage12
    Intake manifold. A work of art!
  • Stage13
    Dummy assembly in P510 shell
  • Stage14
    …and from the front

Custom intake manifolds

Intake manifold design is paramount to making horsepower and, where possible, should be deliberately optimised to take advantage of the dynamic pressure waves inside the inlet tract.

Whether your project needs a single or a multiple throttle body EFI system, or there's a need to maximise runner length for a carburettor engine, LCR has many years of experience fabricating the best possible induction system to suit your vehicle’s combination.  From the air filter to the manifold gasket, all aspects are carefully analysed and engineered to provide you with maximum performance.

For historic cars, LCR offers the traditional DCOE Weber carburettors or side draught Solex or OER options. Dellorto carburettors can be restored back to life too. Jetting and high quality linkage systems for all types are available for all brands of carburettor.

For newer vehicles individual throttle bodies that can be mounted on any centreline points are available, as are DCOE pattern throttle bodies. Again, high quality linkages are a must to ensure consistent and reliable operation and can be supplied to suit your specific application.

For individual butterfly applications, air filtration can be either by individual foam socks or via custom made air box to minimise induction noise and maximise cold air volume.  Again, specifics will be discussed to ensure your project is an accomplished success.