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  • Glenn Bakker L23

    2.3 litre L20B for Glenn Bakker's P510 rally

  • L20 Datsun Peking-Paris

    2 litre Datsun L20B for Max the Datsun – 2013 Peking-Paris

  • Magna V6 supercharged

    Magna V6 Supercharged

  • Nissan 4V conversion

    Nissan 4 valve conversion with twin injector Motec EMC

  • Nissan 6 cyl 4V off-road racer

    Les Siviour's 6 cyl Nissan off-road racer

  • Nissan Prince 6 cyl

    6 cyl Nissan Prince racer

Special engine builds

Your engine is the heart beat of your car. At LCR we start with your goal, apply our knowledge and experience, and produce a successful combination that achieves your objective.

LCR constructs all engines to extremely high standards of surgical preparation, cleanliness, tolerances and patient precision hand assembly, irrespective of the intended nature of use or components employed.

Each engine is a hand crafted work of art, expressing our passion to make your goal an accomplished success story. Whether it is a two valve push rod or multi-valve multi-cam engine with electronic cam control, the passion applied is the same.

Engine dyno sessions are recommended to run-in and map carburettors or EFI systems. Dyno sheets and optimum tuning settings are then provided with your engine for future reference. Likewise, when requested, cylinder heads are supplied with flow bench reports and relevant specifications.