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Motec tuning race engine on engine dyno


Tuning is the key to the final outcome of your project. It is the culmination of all previous strivings and a shortcoming at this point will definitely detract from its overall success and affect your credibility. The tune determines so much of how well the project performs, drives and sounds. It determines who wins and who looses, who looks like a success and who is quickly forgotten.

After 35 years of active participation in all genres of motor sport, LCR can tune to a razors edge.

Tuning side draught carburettors is a lost art these days. Les’ deep and extensive experience across an extensive range of vehicles, and his innate comprehension of how these carburettors operate, coupled with his uncompromising passion for accuracy ensures your carburettors will be everything they can possible be. The engine will sound right and drive right.

Likewise, tuning a programmable EFI system takes innate skill and a fine touch across hundreds of conflicting parameters to produce the best possible map for your project. The utilisation of high quality engine management systems, like MoTeC, also contributes greatly to the final outcome.

LCR utilises either an engine or chassis dynamometer, subject to needs and project budget, using modern state-of-the-art equipment including the latest knock detection equipment.