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  • Magna01

    Designing plenum flanges

  • Magna02

    Conceive, design, create. Bearing mount for 2-stage belt drive

  • Magna03

    Components coming together

  • Magna04

    Plenum fitup to intake manifold

  • Magna05

    Plenum flange fitup to supercharger

  • Magna06

    Supercharger mounted to dummy engine

  • Magna07

    Plenum mounted to dummy engine

  • Magna08

    Work on drive system progresses

  • Magna09

    Looking good!

  • Magna10

    Belts in place and tensioned

  • Magna11

    Air/water intercooler finished and mounted

  • Magna12

    Ready to connect water – intercooler to plenum

  • Magna13

    Fitted up complete with pressure cap

  • Magna14

    Complete and looking great

Supercharged Magna wagon

What to do when you have a car that's exactly the right vehicle for your needs, but it just won't get up and go?

Les' solution for a V6 Magna wagon owner was to supercharge it! On inspection he reckoned he could just about fit a Harrop blower between engine and firewall. The owner got excited and the project was launched.

Various components including a plenum, an intercooler, mounting brackets and drive components needed to be designed and created. The pictures at left show some of the work as it progressed.

The result was a huge success, the client more than happy with the transformation of his beloved Magna.