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Excellence in Motorsport Oriented Engineering

At LCR we take a holistic approach to helping you achieve your motorsport dreams and goals. We endeavor to understand your vehicle as a whole and what you are wanting to achieve before beginning any project.

Specialising in, but not restricted to, Datsun/Nissan vehicles, we are constantly challenging existing boundaries developing higher levels of power, speed, handling and aesthetics. We apply the experience and wisdom, wrought from years of active participation and successes in most genres of motorsport, to each project we embrace.

We're about helping you achieve your motorsport goals, what ever they are…

Les Collins

Les Collins

The founding owner of Datrally Developments, Les has more than 35 years experience and many successes in most forms of motorsport competition to his credit.

A pioneering engineer and a tenacious project manager, he will take on most challenges.

Motivated by helping people of all ages achieve their Motorsport dreams, Les is committed to working with you to acieve your goals and aspirations.

He believes he can play a key role in your project by
• being a sounding board to help you get clear on what it is you are wanting to achieve,
• helping clarify exactly what has to be done and how,
• pinpointing efficiency and economy,
• staying focussed on what you're wanting to achieve.

Take advantage of Les' years of motorsport experience and achievement. He is available and uniquely qualified to assist - be it by taking hands-on control of your entire project, by phone consultation, or anything in between - you'll find Les a clear thinker, a straight talker, and an enthusiastic ally.